A2A PA-24: Just. Amazing. Period.

P3Dv2.5 When I first saw the A2A Comanche before the doors officially opened to the public at FlightSimCon 2015, my only thought was, "These guys have obviously created something new to drive people crazy." But after finally creating my own adventures with it, I must say, this is by far officially my all time favorite single engine piston aircraft in flight simulator.  You see, the A2A Accu-sim C172/182 respectively are terrific aircraft to fly and are by far are unlike anything else in the way they create realism. But as some of the world's most mass produced aircraft, what they lack is character and personality. This is where the A2A PA-24 excels perfectly.

There is just nothing like it and if you never considered this airplane, you really need to change direction and do so quickly because this thing is just awesome! It's not cheap but you know the saying: You get what you pay for! I am doing my best to take care of it. Remember to check the batteries, prop, and tires regularly. Keep up on oil changes too! Its just no wonder why Scott of A2A has one in his real hangar. The A2A Comanche deserves a spot on your radar and your virtual hangar. Take my word for it people. Head over to A2A and start your adventure today! 

Are you a lazy virtual pilot? Accu-sim will fix that!