Show Of Hands, Who Remembers CieloSim?

FSX/P3D. This was actually quite an active development team for FS9 some time ago and if I remember correctly, new developments sort of stalled due the lead developers attending college or something to that effect. Some of you might even remember the team had hired a developer to create San Diego. The project was approx 30% complete before things all went quiet. Now that developer is well known under a new name but as for CieloSim, it's pretty much been all quiet for a couple years now. That is until today. The team has just announced Palo Alto California Airport (KPAO) for FSX & Prepar3D coming soon. Now CieloSim is not really a scenery developer per say. They have delivered a numbered of useful utilities that have become more or less obsolete so I am curious to see how this project will come about. Nothing much to show at this point but a watermasked photo image in-sim. We will be following development.