LLH Creations: We Could Be Loosing Another Developer!

FSX/P3D. Recently announced here on ADX was LLH's latest project Chambéry-Aix-Les-Bains. But today, the lead developer has stated he is not sure if he will complete the Chambéry-Aix-Les-Bains project. Today the developer stated in French via his Facebook page that LLH is not enough known to the flight simulation community. "The so-called specialized information sites in the simulation community refuse to publish news regarding LLH Creations (with some exceptions) because he doesn't release his projects their online web shops. The developer goes on to state that after years of existence, most people only discover LLH by chance.

"I can't spend months to develop a scenery only to sell that a few copies at reduced prices. If, like me, you want the adventure of LLH to continue, it will be necessary for lovers of my scenes to make a small effort of communication on the forums and social networks. In the meantime, good flights to all!"

Folks, let's not let this developer disappear into the fold. Support him and help me get the word out. And worst case scenario, John Venema will find a place for him.