Gianni's DesignTeam Is Alive!!

FSX/P3D. Ahhh finally! After years of waiting we have an update from Gianni and team. Before I go forward, DesignTeam is the group behind the Aerosoft Innsbruck project released several years back. After release they announced a payware Salzburg to replace their old freeware scenery. But then things went dark and it's been years without update. Here is what the team had to say:

"A small information about the current project: the project aims for a presentation of "W.A.Mozart" Airport in Salzburg, Austria. We will offer this scenery add-on for FSX and P3D (a reworked version for FS9 will be included most likely). Similar to the recent project "Approching Innsbruck" this scenery will be named "Circling Salzburg" - referring to the tricky approach for RW 35 which leads over the city of Salzburg. The addon will be offered in cooperation with Aerosoft again. Main contributors to this project are Paul Lechner (Salzburg) who provided Gigabites of photos and Heinz Rückeshäuser (Breitenfurt) who supports me with the digital mesh. After a long break in designing the work was restarted around two months ago."

This is great news! Hopefully we can get a proper triple installer for Approaching Innsbruck soon as well.