Windows 10 Is Free. But Should I?

[OS] Today I got an interesting prompt on my system after a recent update telling me Microsoft Windows 10 is free to upgrade should I desire. No doubt many of you running Windows 7 like me and some of you odd folks running Windows8 will be getting your prompts soon. Now as we know, Windows8 was a total crapshoot just like Vista and M.E. I am concerned if there will be any compatibility issues but it looks pretty solid. Just tapping the crowd here, do many of you think you will take the upgrade? Obviously I am only talking to the Windows7 crowd as anyone running 8 I am sure will do everything they can to get out of it. W10 is not available yet but you have to reserve your slot.. whatever that means. Once the upgrade is available, you will be then given the option to DL whenever you like. Thoughts?