Orbx & Dovetail Games Partnership Clarified.

This has gotten quite a few of you FSX Gold & P3D users livid. So let's be clear on exactly what is going on. Yes, Orbx will be offering select upcoming titles exclusive to Dovetail 90 days prior to release on FSX Gold and P3D. Now lets take a look at what these titles will actually be. Couple quotes here:

John Venema: "Anything we offer DTG for Steam will not be aimed at our core "Orbx enthusiast" core customer base, but the casual Steam gamer looking for simple to install DLCs for FSX:SE. This means no FTX Central, no Objectflow, no FTX regions or Global assumed, default autogen and mostly designed for default terrain. In other words, anything DTG publishes from Orbx will be unique to the platform and not really designed for our core customers.

Saying that, anything brand new published via DTG will have a brief 90-day exclusive-to-Steam period, then followed by our own Orbx triple-installer down the track. This gives us a window to release the FSX:SE-only version, then 90 days to enhance it and release it to our core base as a Global/Regions compatible triple-installer.

Finally, there is a crossover of our core customers who have embraced FSX:SE as their platform of choice and they will continue to use FTX Central to install our full-featured triple-installer built for Global or FTX regions, not the Steam DLC method.

I hope this give you some insight into our foray onto Steam."

And again: "Hello folks, allow me to clarify the press release further. We have no plans at this stage to port 100+ products across to FSX:SE as DLC sold by DTG.
We have entered into an agreement to create two brand new airport sceneries which will be designed for FSX:SE default and exclusive to DTG for 90 days. Those projects are under way and DTG will publicise them when they reach beta stage. We're also providing the Lancair IVP. These sceneries are designed for default ground terrain and won't have Objectflow support and will use default FSX vegetation and autogen (although we may provide an optional Orbx tree set).
During the 90-day exclusive period these two airports will be further enhanced to match their respective regions (whether that is an FTX region or FTX Global), and have Objectflow added. Finally they will be specifically tailored to P3Dv2.x and released as triple-installers.
So essentially we release these new titles as Steam DLC via DTG early in the development cycle before the triple-installer work commences.
Meantime, existing FSX:SE users are welcome to install any of Orbx's 100+ products provided they don't also have the old FSX Boxed Edition on their PCs.
I hope this is now clear for everyone."