Orbx Announces W28 Sequim Valley!

FSX/P3D. Australia, awesome. Alaska, Amazing. Canada, Beautiful. Norway, Mesmerizing. Northern Rockies, Adventurous. Northern California, Incredible. New Zealand, Majestic. England, Historic. Ireland, Beer. All that said, in my mind, nothing and no place in the whole of FS is more scenic and fun to explore that the Pacific Northwest. It's the second oldest region of the ever growing collection and still the best in my eyes. Particularly because there are just so many airports it's filled with. With all the other FTX regions that are in development, and larger regional airports, it excites me to see more PNW airports coming our way. And I hope they always will. Next up is W28 Sequim which makes a very nice stopover on your way west from Diamond Point to Sekiu. It's a small airfield with a large coverage area to explore. Looking good! Thanks to Jordan King for the tipoff!