Taxi2Gate Seattle Released!

FSX/P3D. The beta has concluded and the product has been turned over to the webshop. Here is what you need to know before purchase just in case it's released while I am asleep. This is the FSX version. P3D will follow in a few weeks. Also, in regards to Orbx FTX PNW compatibility, after further testing, some changes need to be made to the SEA scenery such as removal of the FTX_NA_PNW07_MESH file. Other files will need to be replaced entirely. The team is working on a patch and should have it available soon. This post will be updated to reflect the release of Taxi2Gate SeaTac. For now, the last shot. 

Released For $26 Bucks! Live Stream In The Above Post!  

Get PNW Compatibility Patch [HERE]