ADX Exclusive Taxi2Gate Seattle Tacoma!

FSX/P3D. The latest information on the project: it's not down to a matter of Months. It's not down to a matter of weeks. It's down to a matter of days! DAYS! That's right chaps! Taxi2Gate SeaTac is officially in beta which means the release countdown has started! And to tip things off, has a few exclusive screenshots lined up directly from the developer's systems to you! See SeaTac Here >>

Additionally, here is a recent performance report from the developer:

"Hi guys, i think we have a very good ksea, we was making some test in different airports to see what we have on FPS and VAS and i think we make it good with ksea, the test was made with same conditions in all airports we tested":       i7-4790k CPU @ 4.00 GHZ, RAM: 16GB, WIN 7 64 BIT, Nvidia Geforce 770.

Conditions, Software & Config:                                                              

         Airport      FPS        VAS (Mb)

  • KSEA         98           2484         T2G
  • KSAN        54           2351          PAYWARE ADDON
  • KMCO       72           2598          T2G
  • CYUL        72            2511           PAYWARE ADDON
  • CYYZ         53           2451          PAYWARE ADDON
  • LTBA         80            2614          T2G
  • VHHH       98             2628          T2G
  • Sky clear
  • Aircraft: AirCreation Trike Ultralight (Default)
  • Daylight
  • 0% Ai Traffic
  • Fsx Acc
  • REX HD textures
  • Enb series
  • All best quality settings on graphic card
  • MaxTextureLoad: 4096
  • LOD RADIOUS: 4.5

We recommend all settings above with high end systems but it will be better if we bring down some sliders settings like Watter effects, Scenery complexity and Autogen Density. We observed that AI TRAFFIC is a FPS and VAS killer. So if you see the results, it seems to be working good compared with other addons so you can have an idea how it works.