DD Chopin T2 Complete!

FSX/P3D. It just occurred to me I have been waiting for Drzewiecki Design to deliver Warsaw just about as long as I have been waiting for Digital Aviation to release the CRJ. Coincidence that I will finally get them both this year? Sadly back in 2008, there was a system crash at Drzewiecki and all crops were lost. This was a horrible thing but also a pretty good thing as we are getting the updated airport to modern standards with all the construction currently taking place. According to Stan, terminal 2 is now completed as you can see above. I remember my Sheremetyevo beatdown. I really liked the airport but there were several areas I felt it fell short. But this will not be the case with Warsaw. I can already see quite clearly those clean crisp roads. Can't wait to see the parking lots... Speaking of lots, lots of new previews are available via the source link below.