Carenado EMB505 Phenom 300!

FSX/P3D. It's the next jet after Carenado's next jet! I remember when the Carenado first announced the EMB E50P 100, many of you were wondering why the team was not developing the larger and much faster older sister instead. My own thoughts was that the 300 would come along in due time. After all, much of what is used in the 100 can easily be used in the 300. So I am not really surprised to see this. I am hoiwever surprised to see them announce it so soon. I thought it would be a year before we saw this. So the question is, will the 300's Prodigy have more accurate functionality? And if so, will the 100's Prodigy be updated to match? Time will tell! I say Carenado should strike up a deal with Flight1... Looking good! Thanks to several ADX readers for then tipoff!