The Reason Praha Was Delayed... A Very Good Reason!

FSX/P3D. Because they were indeed developing their own airport specific ground handling program similar to that of AES and GSX. The thing here is, this free included service as part of the scenery will come feature packed resources the two aforementioned products do not offer such as vehicles that actually use the proper service roads and does not drive incorrectly through other static and animated objects. Another feature will be full service for default AI, MyTraffic, Traffic360, UT2 and WoAI packages. This means jet bridges and GSE will service your AI! This is expected to be the first attempt at this new product that will hopefully make itself into more Aerosoft products in the future. As we all know, AES is not P3D compatible and I offer a strong kudos to the developer for pressing forward with his own program. I am very confident the wait will be very much worthwhile. I am looking forward to more information on this project as it comes available.