TFDi 717 Progress Report.

FSX/P3D. It's the aircraft that died way too soon. Unlike the Boeing 757 that saw orders began to dry up at the turn of the century, The B717 and MD11 still had heaps of orders lined up. But sadly, Boeing was quite dedicated to their own aircraft line. FedEx had plenty of orders for the MD-11 and when Boeing told FedEx more customers and orders were needed to keep the line running, FedEx and several carriers stood to the task. But still, Boeing shut down the program. Long story short, FedEx ordered and canceled the A380 (Airbus' fault) and they simply wound up with Boeing's offerings anyway. Several airlines also still wanted the 717. But again, Boeing was headstrong on shutting it down. As a result, on of the very best regional jets ever made saw it's production like die far too soon. Thankfully for us FS folks, TFDi has restarted the production line in virtual form. Source link below to all the latest info. Very promising indeed!