PMDG 747v2 Update!

FSX/P3D. Finally an update on the PMDG 747v2! As we well know, PMDG has been developing the 747-400 and 747-8. According to RSR, the team will be including some options on cleanliness and wear in regards to the paintkit with the newest versions of the 747 series. Painters will be able to choose varying degrees of wear for  liveries, and the development team is exploring wear-capability visuals for the VC as well. A new feature is the effects of weight on the tires and how they relate to the pavement underneath them. The 747s will bring a whole new array of visual accuracy, no matter how badly you abuse your landing gear. I could say more but best you read the entire statement via the source link below. Thanks to several ADX readers for the tipoff this morning! 

Updated With Source Link. Apologies!