RealWorld Scenery UAE SuperHD Released.

FSX/P3D. New kids on the block by the looks of it. I missed the previous releases such as parts of Florida and Chicago. They just released the UAE and the quality is not bad at all but there are things like building shadows that could be cleaned up. I really wonder if it would be compatible with FlyTampa Dubai. Unlike MSE and BSS (free) in the West, there really isn't any quality photosceneries in this region of the world. There is really no point in trying to compete with the above mentioned two or Orbx for that matter given the fact that RWS have a payware Yosemite with no autogen and Orbx has a much better freeware Yosemite with autogen. But the Middle East and other parts of Asia I am sure could use the attention. More information via the source link below.