ADX Exclusive: FlightBeam KSFO HD!

FSX/P3D. It's a question that has been plaguing ADX email boxes, Facebook pages, Skype, Teamspeak, heck, even through text messages from those who have the freedom to contact me directly. The question? "Hey D'Andre, any news on FlightBeam San Francisco?" The answer is always, no. "But I am sure it will be soon."  So here is your update! Now for those still wondering what Mir is up to besides developing Germany's Frankfurt Main, and America's KMSP, (among other projects) Mir has been busy developing another HD version of himself. Yes, Mir v3 has arrived and as offspring goes, they require a LOT of attention before they can start actively begin flight simulation scenery development. Congratulations to Mir on the healthy new delivery and now that Mir is finally (hopefully) starting to sleep through the night, KSFO HD is back in action. We are not giving any release dates but release is not far away. For now, enjoy these exclusive previews direct to ADX readers. Enjoy!