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FSX/P3D/XPL. [30MAR15] NGX Updates and some other News Bits
Captains- A few moments ago we pushed out an updated version of the NGX for both FSX and P3D. What is this update?:

This is a minor update, as PMDG updates go. It primarily addresses some model errors that we introduced during the last update round, but it also adds quite a bit of optimization and some platform compatibility fixes that we needed to address after seeing the NGX operating on three different platforms. Only three line items in the change list, but it was actually a pretty significant amount of work all around.
How do I get this update?

With the previous update cycle, the process for bringing your NGX up to date, whether you are in FSX, FSX-SE or Prepar3D is the same: Log into your account at PMDG eCommerce and download the installers from your account just as you did when you last updated, or when you originally purchased them.

I recognize that some folks don't like having to download the entire installers again but this will be our update process while we finish development of the self-updating capability for the Operations Center. (We also learned that Kyle hates downloading full updates, so we are doing this just to annoy Kyle... but don't tell him, please. 

When you are finished, your NGX will show version 1.10.6461 as the installed version.
Side note: We are moving away from referring to updates and service packs as 1a, 1b, 1c, etc and will be refering to future updates only by version number. This will minimize confusion when we move to our automatic-update process via the Operations Center.
What Should Aerosoft DVD/Download Customers Do?:

For Aerosoft download and DVD customers looking forward to the NGX updates, Aerosoft will begin their day by receiving copies of these versions so that they can begin implementation of the process by which Aerosoft DVD and download customers for the NGX can also receive these updates. I recognize that it has taken PMDG some time to reach the point where we are comfortable giving Aerosoft bits for redistribution and that some customers feel we have treated the Aerosoft customers poorly. This perception is based largely in the amount of time has taken us to get NGX updates stable enough that we are comfortable having Aerosoft burn them to DVDs.

We have 17+ years of experience doing this, and sometimes these things have to be carefully managed. We have a strong relationship with Aerosoft and part of that relationship means that we make darn sure our product quality is where it should be prior to turning them loose on DVD replication. We have to be absolutely certain we have a build that can be put on a DVD before we turn it over to our partners at Aerosoft, else we run the risk of unnecessarily driving up their operational costs and dis-servicing their direct customers far more than simply asking everyone to wait until we know we have stabilized a build.

If this was upsetting to you, please accept our apology and also understand that we really do put product quality at the top of the priority list- and occasionally that means having to take our time and make certain we got things done correctly.
I would expect it to take Aerosoft a few days to get their update process ready for customer use- so please- give them that time and don't take to hammering at their door with demands- they are as eager as you to get these to you!

Pending 777 Updates: In other topics we are currently testing a new 777 version that we hope will fix a rather difficult-to-diagnose memory leak that would appear in the 777 under some very specific circumstances. I will have more to say on this topic a bit later- but suffice to say we will be updating the FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D versions of the 777 once we get confirmation from our testers that we succeeded in fixing this nasty little item. (There are a few folks in this forum who did a magnificent job supporting us in finding this- and you'll learn a bit more about that in a future update as well!)

Once we publish the pending update for the 777, we will also send those bits over to Aerosoft for distribution to DVD and Aerosoft download customers...

Pending Updates for the J41: Beta testing the J41 has taken a back seat to the changes we needed to make to the NGX and 777, but will resume shortly. Unlike the NGX and 777, the J41 isn't getting a significant code update, so it is a much simpler test process for us- as it primarily is just an installation validation process. We hope to have that released to you soon as well!

I hope you have pleasant Monday!