FlightSimCon 2015: April Update!

[Events] I just can't tell you lads just how excited I am about this year's FlightSimCon. The list of vendors, exhibitors, and speakers is growing really fast! But one of the Coolest parts of the convention will come in a white van. See the video below. Since my last update, Austin Meyer the founder of X-Plane has signed up including Edustation desktop training simulators developed by Hotseat Chassis. This already along with A2A Simulations, Jetline Systems, iBlueYonder, I.D.S. Studios, IVAO, Vatsim Boston ARTCC, Boston Virtual ATC,, GoFlight Technologies, the growing list goes on and on.

ADX In Attendance!

Now some of you might be wondering, what is AirDailyX going to be doing at the event? Well.. First, we will have a big screen showing off exclusives from several developers from across the flight simulation community. Exclusives you have to visit the convention to see as they will not be posted here on ADX. More on that later. We will also be setting up the VirtualFly SOLO/DUO Cockpit free for anyone to pilot. I'll be conducting interviews so expect a lot of media coming out of ADX on the two days of the event. Speaking of which, when is it?? June 13th & 14th at the New England Air Museum right on the grounds of the Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks Ct. Whether you are a FS fan or part of the development community, let's support this event and this hobby and show the world how much flight simulation matters!

NOW WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! Courtesy of ADX reader Nathan  Palmer who will be bringing this bad boy toy to the event! Sweet! Click the source link below for more details.