Majestic Software's Q300 v2 Update!!

FSX/P3D. V2?? Where is V1? It's hanging out back in FS9. As most of you already know MJC have been concentrating heavily on the development of our Q400 PRO Edition. In the mean time, the master modeling developer of Samdim Design - the modeler behind the AirSimmer A320 and numerous awesome addons - is feverishly working behind the scenes on version 2 of the much anticipated Q300 - which happens to be the Majestic Software Flagship. There is still quite a bit of work to be done on the visuals, however I am attaching a few images to show the onward progression of the upcoming MJC Q300 Dash 8 v2. All I can say is bring it on Majestic!! Bring. It. On!