Flight One B200 Now For P3D.

FSX/P3D. Am I late with this news? Yeah, just about as late as this developer has taken to see the light of P3D. Split milk under the bridge. The bottom line here is one of the best turboprops ever developed for FS is now available for P3D and I think we can stop complaining about Flight 1 not developing for P3D. They are, and good for them and us. Finally I can purchase this bird and see what it's all about. By the way, besides Coolsky who have not come to their senses on P3D yet, any another developers out there still refusing P3D development? I think we got them all now. Super! Hey, did we ever figure out if the Flight 1 B200 has working V NAV? Coupled with my MilViz KA350i, I am a very happy camper! And I am sure many of you will be too! Thanks to several ADX readers for the tipoff.