ASN SP2C Available!

FSX/P3D. Being the mind behind ADX, I can understand the misnomer that I have everything out there. Sadly, I don't and one of those things is... was ASN. During our group flights, I have had a couple dozen pilots up my ass about not owning it. How could this be possible they asked? They continuously, berated me for weeks on all of ASN's features and how much of an idiot I am for not owning it. So I tried out ASN's free 7 day trial (great job ASN BTW) as I did not know that was available and was blown away. See, I really rely on many of you for news and product feedback as many of you rely on me and I must say, ASN is freaking awesome. Better than anything else on the market. This product is absolutely kick ass. I mean holy crap kick ass. But you gotta see to believe just like I have. As of today, regardless of what weather program you are using, you need to get ASN. Try the FULLY FEATURED demo to see for yourself. And for those of you who were wise enough to purchase it already, get the latest update! Fully compatible with the REX line of products.