Dazzle Colour Game Nyingchi Mainling Released!

FSX/P3D. You know I really gotta say these Dazzle cats have really been cranking out some extremely impressive stuff! Previously unknown to the FS world, they really stormed out of the gate with some serious quality. The dumb part about all this is, I still have yet to get my hands of any of their work. But that is soon about to change. Meanwhile, Skysoft our present leading Chinese developer has gone pretty quiet. I was a huge fan of Skysoft's Linzhi Milin (same airport but different name then) back in FS9 and was waiting and waiting for them to upgrade it to FSX and P3D as it really holds up well. Sadly they never bothered so Dazzle has stepped in to razzle my needs and they have done a perfect job.

So why is D'Andre so excited about a literally middle of nowhere Chinese airport? Let me tell you. Nyingchi Mainling one of the world's most difficult airports for commercial aircraft to reach. It's extremely hot and high and has a one of the worlds longest runways as it takes quite a while for aircraft to get off the ground. Couple that with the narrow valley you have to maneuver in and you have a great FS soup of challenge! more details via the source link below. Thanks to ADX reader Zachary Kerr for the tipoff.