QW757 Prepar3D V2.5 Update.

FSX/P3D. The Ultimate 757 Collection Installer has been updated to accommodate installation into the latest version of Prepar3D (V2.5) and FSX Steam Edition. Customers who purchase the product from this point forward will have the updated installer. Customers who currently own the product can download the installer for FSX/FXSSE/P3D without having to downloading the combined platforms installer via he source link below. The Installation into P3D still does not carry support due to known visual incompatibilities during night flying. And while the team understands that FSX Steam Edition is essentially the same product as the original FSX product, without a proper testing period to ensure that - QualityWings cannot offer support for technical issues experienced inside of the Steam Platform. The team is not prepared to address any questions on the availability of future products on Steam at this time.