Aerosoft Airbus SP3 Released!

FSX/P3D. How to get the Update of your A318/19 and/or A320/21: Best Practise Installing SP3
As with all  Service Packs it only comes in the form of a complete new install. Aerosoft believes this is best as it brings all users to the same new file base and prevents loads of problems with file fragments of older versions. Here is how they advise you to install it: Use the Control Panel applet to de-install the A318/A319 and/or A320/A321. Delete all remaining Aerosoft Airbus * folders from the FSXMainFolder\SimObjects\Airplane folder. Delete all Airbus * folders from the FSXMainFolder\Aerosoft folder. Reboot your system (seriously good idea and prevents many problems). Log in with Admin rights. Suspend AntiVirus software. Install the Bus. Reboot (to activate the fonts used in the displays) Make sure AntiVirus is running. Defragment your disk (NOT if it's an SSD). Consider doing the Step by Step again. Get beer and enjoy. -Mathijs

Download Customer from Aerosoft: Go to login and download the latest installer from your shop Account
Box Customer: Go to and download the latest installer with your Serial. 

Download Customer from other Shops: Aerosoft will forward the update to all other shops, please check back with them how to get the download. They could need some hours to integrate it to there shop systems.