Orbx San Carlos Released!

FSX/P3D. You know what that stuff is right? You know, that stuff. It's almost blurry. Can't even really make out the details. It's under your landing gear. All spread out. But that stuff. It's extremely important. But you don't really have the time to check it out. See what it really is. Why?  You are too busy, and let's face it, you really shouldn't be trying to look at it anyway. Because you are on final approach to SFO's runway 28R in your PMDG777. And by all means, as the captain of that bird, your focus is best at the task at hand. But what about all that stuff? The stuff blowing by under your landing gear at 200 knots? That stuff is the highly detailed Silicone Valley scenery soon to be released by Ed Correia of Orbx. Yeah, I did it too, blew right over it in the Airbus. Why? Because I wanted to see just how much it would improve the immersion factor in something big and you know what, it did. it really did!

But you have to climb out of that massive tube, grab something with a propeller on it and explore that stuff you missed in greater detail. Why? Because it's good. Really good! I have just finished exploring the scenery myself and am so proud to add it to the collection that is my home state. This is Ed's first direct scenery release since 2011! Hey the guy is super busy behind the scenes building all those installers and etc. you Orbx fans rely on. That said, the moment you get the chance, explore the scenery he has created. You won't be disappointed. I wasn't. Mighty good stuff indeed. -D'Andre

Update: Ed's San Carlos is now ready for your landing gear! Get it now via the source link below!