Orbx San Carlos Announced!

FSX/P3D. Welcome to the Silicon Valley! Home to Apple Computer, Oracle, CiscoSystems, Intel, and nVidia just to name a few. Orbx has set up shop in the virtual Silicon Valley creating a sort of Siliconeseption. Your chip was likely designed and made in Silicon Valley and now thanks to that chip, you can land in the very place the chip was made virtually. And if you actually live there then it's valley within a valley... I have no idea where I am going with this. Anyhoo, this is Ed Correia's masterpiece... wait! Ed Correia?!?! Ed is doing full scenery design now? Did I miss something? Well in the words of Lloyd Christmas: Suck me sideways. Terrific job coming from Ed but don't take my word for it. It's mostly babbling anyway with the way this post went... Good work Ed! Much more information and shots via the source link below.