Aerosoft ASK21 & ASK21 Mi Released!


FSX/P3D. Finally released after 24 months of following this product on ADX! The Alexander-Schleicher ASK 21 (and its motorized brother the ASK 21 Mi) are gliders that many people will recognize. It`s a two-seater (Club Class) sailplane that is used by many clubs as a trainer, but it is also a capable cross country and aerobatics aircraft. This version for FSX (and FSX: SE/ P3D V2) is special in many ways. Not only are all the instruments accurate (we even supply the real manuals for the most important one!) but the flight characteristics are the real highlight of this product. Where the simulator is not correct (or lacking) special modules are used to make the handling more realistic. The result is an aircraft with unprecedented accuracy flight behavior. It feels just ?real? and even people who have not flown this aircraft will quickly appreciate the way it flies. If you ever wanted to experience gliders in your simulator there is no better choice than the ASK21. It?s as real as it gets on a computer. Get it now via the source link below! Thanks to ADX reader Florian Geraets for the tipoff!