The Aerosoft / DA CRJ Will Come to FSX:SE First.

FSX/P3D. Will shiver me timbers. Who would have thought? I know there are a few community members who have broken down and purchased the FSX Steam Edition. Why? I have no bloody clue. Almost every FSX user that has refused P3D have done so for 3 reasons, compatibility concerns, EULA concerns, and the notions that their current instill of FSX runs perfectly good enough for them after years of tweaks. 

I thought the purpose of putting FSX:SE up on Steam was for Dovetail to reach out to a community of gamers of their own who are either not interested in FS or are interested in FS and just didn't know they were. But just like MS: Flight, I do not see FSX:SE as a serious contender in this community and based on what I understand, neither does Dovetail. My understanding is the real point of putting FSX up on Steam is simply to generate a customer base of flight simulation enthusiasts and after completion, release a simulator of their own to those users. Building a form of following off the back of FSX if you will. And God forbid they pull the same mudus operandi they use with their train simulators. $10 bucks for a Delta repaint anyone?

Nevertheless, however large, or small the FSX:SE subdivision within the community is, several developers have gotten on-board to make their products compatible. And they should. It's a smart business decision. That said, this is the first of my knowledge a product ( a major productat that)that will come onto FS:SE first and of all products, it would be the CRJ. A nearly 8 year production. Why this is I don't know but I have a few really good guesses. According to Mathijs, FSX Boxed and P3D versions will be released later in the year after FSX:SE. 

Mathijs Quote: "Btw this shot is from FSX:Steam Edition as this will be the first version released. Our dealings with Dovetails at our conference were rather productive in that aspect. 
Of course versions for FSX SP2 and P3D will follow later in 2015." 

So could this be the start of a new trend? Will/is FSX:SE gaining momentum on FSX Boxed. Is this the beginning of the end? Or an April Fools joke?