Orbx Redding Trip Installer + Update Released!

FSX/P3D. The triple installer includes a service pack and features:

FSX Only: Entirely new runway, apron and landmarks lighting system

FSX & P3Dv2
- Updated APX
- Updated terminal and control tower window textures, better quality textures and reflection maps added.
- Person washing Grumman Tracker is now slaved to the same CP option as the aircraft
- Floating shopping centre next to Benton Field no longer an issue
- Re-worked GP's so there is no longer aircraft night light splash issues in DX10
- New user guides

If installing over an existing install, no need to do anything, the installer will remove the previous version.

P3Dv2 Only:
- Runway edge lights are now utilising APX lights for better functionality and to overcome z-bias issues with KRDD ground poly
- Reworked ground poly's to better display object shadows
- Added shadow recognition for all objects, and removed AO shadows for vehicles and aircraft
- Reworked material settings for grass to be P3D2 compliant
- All cars, statics and people lowered to ground level
- Removed crash detection issues
- Replaced windsocks at both airports and helipad with P3D2-compliant versions