Dino Cattaneo Re-Evaluating His Position...

FSX/P3D. From Dino: "I am seriously rethinking my plans for the future, and I would like to start sharing my thoughts. It is unfortunately evident that I do not have the time to develop a completely new product in 2015. Let me say that most of you have no idea of the amount of work needed to create a new aicraft, especially if you are looking to achieve a good quality level. On the other hand, while FSX:SE brought new life to FSX, it is also clear to me that Prepar3D v2.5 development kit offers a much advanced platform for me to develop in, especially if in conjuction with Tacpack for P3Dv2. 

Also, I am not completely satisfied with the quality of my previous projects - I would like to do higher quality stuff. The scope of IndiaFoxtEcho project is, and has always been from the beginning, to create interesting military-oriented and possibly freeware add-ons for Flight Simulator X to fill some of the gaps in the scene...I had a lot of fun and learned A LOT about each and every aicraft I have designed - and I am really grateful to all the people that contributed to my designs.

So, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" What's next? Read the entire statment via the source link below. Thanks to ADX reader Jean Luc Saghaard for the tipoff.