4U9525 Hits Closer To Home...

As it turns out, our community has suffered a direct loss aboard the ill fated flight this week. I typically try to keep real world news off this site unless it's somehow related to flight simulation. The FS2Crew Team is in official mourning over the loss of fellow FS2Crew Team member, Maik Korolczuk, who died tragically in the recent Germanwings crash in France. Maik recently finished commercial pilot training and was working as cabin crew on board the ill fated flight. Maik was very active with FS2Crew.

He was the European (German) First Officer voice for the PMDG 777 and Majestic Dash 8 versions of FS2Crew. He was also an active beta tester for both products. Next time you're flying with FS2Crew 777 or Dash 8, please consider using the European voice set  and take a moment to think of Maik. May Maik live on in our simulators and our hearts. I wish Maik's family and the families of all those aboard well wishes and support as they endure this terrible time. I encourage all of you to leave a comment on the FS2Crew Facebook post and let Maik's family know just how appreciated he was among all of us. 

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