Japan Is About To Make A Comeback!

FSX/P3D. Thanks to OverlandJP, Japan had a strong presence in flight simulation at a time where only the EU and US had all the attention as it pertained to third party airports. In recent times, developers like Aerosim, Technobrain, and Wing Creation has made efforts. But what the community has been truly been wanting is a major Japanese airport at the level of quality to the likes of the very best our community has to offer at a reasonable price and finally, someone has answered. Now, at present, I am not liberty to disclose which developer is behind these Japan Airports projects but I can say it's a team of well known developers. As for the airports in the pipeline? Osaka Kansai, Okinawa Naha, Chubu Centrair, Narita, and a few others to be announced later as the airports get released. Tokyo Haneda is also being surveyed at this time but no offical word yet. It's too close to Tokyo and is a performance nightmare because of it. The team will soon be on site in Japan and more updates to follow in the coming weeks. Here is a quick extremely early preview. And yes, I lot is being spent on arial imagery which will include custom atuogenned city centers.