FlyTampa Amsterdam: Dreams Can Come True!

eham_polderbaan tower.JPG

FSX/P3D. It's been quite a while since any official news has been posted about the Amsterdam project announced by Emilios last year. Now there should be no further confusion as to whether or not FlyTampa is developing Amsterdam. Unlike Toronto where despite the dot on the map clearly being Toronto, some people simply downright reused to believe it as such till they saw proof. All this despite my assurances that FlyTampa was indeed developing Toronto. 

Now that you all finally have it, I truly hope you are enjoying it. But nothing gets my panties in a bunch more than Amsterdam and the fact that it's coming from FlyTampa is simply the icing on the cake. 

Emil has posted two new shots. One ADX published last year and the other shows the midfield tower. I just love this airport. Thanks to ADX reader Adam Ruemenapp for the tipoff.