P3D. I know how difficult it is getting into Avsim these days with having to sign in and all so every now and then when I come across something important, I just post it here. A forum member named simply as Christian has posted a very intresting tweak and from what I understand from people I trust, it works. So I will do my live Tweak on Monday morning so we all can see together if it works. But for now here is the tweak. Thanks JZ. 

POST: Hello, today while inspecting my Prepar3D.cfg I came across the setting OPTIMIZE_PARTS under the [SIM] section. The default setting is OPTIMIZE_PARTS=0 and out of interest I canged this to OPTIMIZE_PARTS=1 to see what happens. To my surprise it really does optimize something in the sim. I have about 10 FPS more in the PMDG NGX afterwards. I did some testflights with this and couldn't see any other visual differences, but I haven't found any explanations on this option in the net. Does anyone know what it actually does?

Lockheed Martin responds: This attempts to optimize multiple parts of a model by combining them into fewer meshes if possible. If you have a complex model that is not already optimized to reduce draw calls etc, this will attempt to do that for you. There is some overhead to this, as it happens at runtime when the model is being loaded and ideally the model would already be optimized before runtime. This only happens for FSX Models, and not older model types. That is what I gathered from a quick look over, hopefully that helps. [POST HERE]