Mallorca X Evolution Preview!


FSX/P3D. Whoa. Looks like I missed these shots posted a couple days ago via the Aerosoft forum. Lucky for me... and you... your fellow ADX viewers are paying attention for feeding us with information. So thanks much to ADX reader Bradley Aaron Thomas for looking out for us as always. Now a quick thought on the Mallorca X Evolution preview here. The Simwings Mallorca has been one of my favorite destinations for years ever since it first came out. I also appreciated that the team modeled the entire island and not just the airport and a really appreciate the update in development. Based on the images, I think this is only an update to the existing scenery and not a completely new build. If I am wrong, I am sure someone will correct me. Either way, it looks mighty good and looking forward to Ibiza Evolution! More screenshots available via the source link below.