News From I.D.S.

FSX/P3D. Alright first things first, Innovative Development Studios has recently announced development of Boeing Field and if you read the FlightSimCon post below, then you already know product exclusives will be available at the event. Next up is development team FlyBeyond. They have closed up shop and as of today, officially they are members of I.D.S. joining the several high end developers on the I.D.S. team who names will remain unmentioned.  Now a little back story on  FlyBeyond, depending on how long you have been following ADX, you may recall back in November 2013, a new development team announced by us arrived on the scene called Inno Sceneries. They showed some very impressive previews of Nassau MYNN Lynden Pindling International Airport. Sadly they scrapped the project, started over, and renamed their brand. The project is now I.D.S. and no doubt, combined with all the talent already on board, this is going to be a home run. More information available via the source link below.