AirDailyX Group Flights!

[Events] As mentioned in many of my live streams over the past year, I have been wanting to get a proper Teamspeak setup going to help make the live streams more interactive. Finally this has been sorted and all the information you need to join me live is available via this link: Now where this information comes in most importantly, is ADX is now arranging scheduled group flights via a dedicated server where anyone is free to join at any time. Now in order to get the server information and join us for the group flights, again, you must follow the instructions and log into our Teamspeak. In fact, you can do this right now. Once you are connected, there are STAFF members to meet and greet you. If they are away, just double-click on a member with word [STAFF] in front of their username and type a quick private message that you are new and would like assistance. 

As for our scheduled group flights, here is where you come in. What I need to know from all of you that are interested is when is the best times to schedule group flights? Obviously, we want times and days that are conducive communities in all time zones and we can plan multiple events for separate zones. I am planning to host the first event this coming Monday the 16th @ 1700z with prop aircraft around the PNW.

Please provide any feedback within this post on which days and times are best to host the group flights and what kind group flights we should host. Where should we fly, type of aircraft etc? Interested in leading a group flight with your favorite aircraft? We will provide the tools to put you into the captains seat and take charge! The more information you can provide, the better I can set up the events. So if you are not into the rules and regulations of Vatsim and IVAO (nothing against them) and just want to have some fun, this is a terrific alternative! Nothing to download, just hook up and fly! I look forward to your feedback!