FlightSimCon 2015 Update!

[Events] As many of you know by now, AirDailyX will be present at this year's FlightSimCon ad we will be bringing toys, conducting interviews, and posting updates on the Daily News page throughout the weekend. I want to heavily promote flight simulation conventions here in the States at a time where Europe is clearly getting all the fun. I am hoping to encourage as many from the development community as possible to attend and help make fan conventions like this more popular here in the US. 

Since my last update, Bill Womack of iBlueYonder has signed up and will have a booth. Kenan Ozun the man behind the rapidly growing I.D.S. Studios will be flying all the way out from Berlin Germany to give a talk about his experience developing scenery and aircraft for flight simulator platforms as well as presenting exclusives of the recently announced Boeing Field project. Other speakers at the event include: Glenn Carter - Dean a Daniel Webster College, Jeffrey Wietholter - a Embraer first officer with Shuttle America, Tony Vallillo - retired captain from American Airlines, Peter Wright of FroogleSim and many more. This is an event you won't want to miss! Help support events like this for our community and register today! I hope to see YOU there! Stay for the next update! 

Update: Very important for you all to know that the very fine folks from A2A Simulations will be at the conference!! You gotta come on down, have some fun, and meet the developers! Sign up today!!