More PC-24? Sure!

FSX/P3D. Not much more to say than what was said a few posts below but Iris is showing off more previews of the upcoming PC-24. Actually, I do have more to say, I really wonder how the flight deck will look. They did a really good job with the Battlefield Airlifter. But this is a luxury aircraft not working tool. So I am really looking forward to some MilViz / Carenado texture depth in the seats, gauges etc. That stitching in the leather if you know what I mean. Anyhoo, check out the latest via the source link below. Why no winglets by the way? Pilatus doesn't see the need? Really curious about how will perform against the Embraer Phenom 300. Hey Carenado, it's on the list right? After the Hawker perhaps? Where is that Hawker anyway??