M2M Mirage: Finally?? Aerosoft To Publish.

FSX/P3D/DCS. It's been a long road covering this development over the last couple years. I remember ADX making posts on this bad boy back in 2013 where this thing looked nearly as done as it does now. I started to doze off on covering development as we kept getting these beautiful screenshots from the testers including videos without any real meat as to where exactly the project was within it's development. And sooner or later, even I run out of stuff to say about something... at least till today. Mathijs Kok released a few screens via the Aerosoft forum stating the M2M Mirage will be released under Aerosoft somewhere around April. I sure hope so because it's not fun wanting something so badly for so long that you actually forget about it. As for you DCS pilots, yes it's coming, yes it looks masterfully beautiful, and no, no clue when that will get here.