Logitech ARX Control. You Might Need This.

[Apps] Not sure if this is available for Android devices but I thought you might be interested in a cool app I discovered today. It's Called ARX Control developed by Logitech and it's absolutely free on the App Store. What is it? Well, I usually monitor my system via the nifty little LCD screen on my Logitech G510. But ever since the VirtualFly Yoko rotated it's way into my life, the body of the yoke prevents access to the G510 forcing me to use a mini keyboard on top of the yoke. The bigger downside is I just can't see the LCD readout anymore. So while browsing for an unrelated app developed by Logitech, I came across ARX Control and instantly, this was the answer to my prayers. 

The ARX Control gives the user a plethora of useful utilities, but what is most useful is the real time information it monitors such as system temp, fan rpm, memory usage, GPU usage, frame buffer, as well as the usage of all available cores. Again, in real time. 

Sound cool? or... useful? Get ARX Control from the App Store today! Update: Also available on Google Play!