Orbx, These Guys Are Busy!!

FSX/P3D. One just released and two more in the hole! As we know, Homer has just been released so be sure to stay tuned for today's live broadcast with Orbx developer Alex Goff. What's surprising today however, is two more airfirlds just announced. One is Germany's Porta Westfalica and the other, is Orbx' 100th airport offering: Parry Sound in Ontario Canada. Great stuff coming up soon! Source link takes you to the preview forum where you will find more information and heaps of screenshots. 

Now updated! Another announcement came in today out of Orbx and this time it's from developer Misha Cajic! S93 Cle Elum is nearing release and the work is looking magnificent! There are not too many airfields in the CRM region so it's nice to see it's not forgotten with California and Europe on the forefronts these days. Many more screenies via the source link below. 

To conclude this post, Queenstown, Broome, and Cairns have all just received triple installers! Go get them [HERE] I should also note that Queenstown, Broome and Cairns are not just triple installers, they also contain full scenery updates for all platforms.