AXE SP3 Inbound.


FSX/P3D. A couple days ago Mathijs Kok gave a little insight on the development of a third service pack for the Aerosoft Airbus Xtended line of aircraft. According to Mathijs, there are a few loose ends here and there they would like to smooth out but more importantly they have some new developments that were started for the A330 that are rather clever but need to be tested with a large group. For now, SP3 will contain fixes, new features and some experimental features. In the next few weeks we'll get more details in what's exactly part of SP3. For now, here is a snapshot: Overall sound & graphics tweaks on the overhead to separate the 320 overhead from the A321, inclusion of all hotfixes, and adding full saving/loading of flights "that was a bitch but it seems to work now" More information via the source link below.