2O1 Ganser Comes To Orbx!

FSX/P3D. Many of you may recall quite a lengthily list of planned airports by Orbx shortly after the release of FTX NCA. At that time, new development team: Turbulent Designs had already begun production on at least two of those listed future Orbx airfields. Orbx being the classy lads they are, stepped aside for Turbulent to make their mark on the community and a year later, the they are working together. I have been covering this projec for some time and am very happy to see that 201 Ganser located in Northern California will be published under the Orbx quality control & support standards and by the looks of things, release can't be too far away. The work looks terrific and kudos to Turbulent for such an amazing effort. I look forward to more collaborations between these two teams in the future. Iain has posted quite a few screens via the source link below. An absolute must have to your NCA collection!