The Latest News Release From MilViz

FSX/P3D. The KA is going to be getting another build, with luck, this weekend. We're getting closer to the point at which we will be able to call this a beta. Things left are, passengers, fuel system, icing, startup/shutdown and some other "special" things. Thank you for your patience. It's taking a long time because we want it to be NICE... The KA 300 (steam/hybrid) is coming along and will likely be released at the same time as the KA 350i. We will not be offering a dual package or upgrades on this.

The F-4 is going to get another build, with luck, this weekend... a TON of bug fixes and we're VERY close now. Doing the final touches on the ACM, fuel system, SAS and other cool stuff.
TP is moving along as well... We will be implementing this (finally) in the F-86F Sabre. That's coming soon.

The P-38L is almost done and will be out soon (ish)

The MOO-2... it's moving but slowly. Same with the Avanti. (these two are being done by the same coders as above so it's weekend work)

The C-130J is moving ahead nicely. Modeling should be done fairly soon. Coding is already happening.

The F-100D is coming along very nicely indeed. Coming this year... with luck.

The next chopper in line will more than likely be a redux of the AW-109 or the Huey.

The SR-71 is nearly done in the texture shop. Coding will only start in Q3 though so it won't be this year for sure. (Sad!)