MJC PATCH v1.013 Released. Also:

FSX/P3D. Majestic known as one of the very best aircraft developers in the business has recently shared a bit of information regarding progress of the MJC_Q400 from behind the scenes. The team is quite busy working on several major components for the PRO Edition, including some required fixes needed for the recent release of Prepar3D's version 2.5. Majestic has just released patch ver. 1.013 which is now available in the Users Section of the Majestic Software website. While the fixes may not appear to be many they are rather significant for some users. The Patch addresses: 1. Compatibility with Prepar3d ver. 2.5 2. Fixed the problem with the camera cycling in Prepar3d. Now for a sneak peak from behind the scenes: A few weeks ago the team showed a few pics of the HUD in its early development stage they have shared two additional images (sill work-in progress) of the HUD system via their Facebook page. Source link below.