nvidia Sued Over GTX970: False Claims.

[Hardware] According to Overclock3d.net Nvidia falsely advertised the GTX 970 as a 4GB card, while the last .5GB of the GPU didn't perform the way it is supposed to, and was a lot slower. Consumers didn't like this and refunds were requested on a large scale. But for some people, a refund just isn't going to cut it, as one person has actually sued Nvidia for false advertising. With this, the consumer also sued Gigabyte, because the person bought two Gigabyte GTX 970s. The lawsuit stated that the last .5GB performed '80% slower than it's supposed to, which can lead to stuttering images on high-res screens and poor performance in some games.' Nvidia declined to comment on the lawsuit, and Gigabyte couldn't be reached, states PCWorld. Did you buy one? What are your findings? More information on this via the source link below. Thanks to ADX reader Mike Thomas for the tipoff.