ADX Hardware Review: VirtualFly Yoko Yoke!

[Hardware Devices] Howdie folks! As many of you know, I caught a sickness over the weekend (very rare for me) and as a result, I have fallen behind on the news including other products I am currently testing. I also have some really great news about ADX to share as well so stay tuned. But sick with 104 temperature or not, I just had to share this exciting product with you all. So here I am up at 4am finally complete with my second ever full hardware review for ADX readers. I am learning quite a bit as I go with this and you can expect more in the future. Ever heard of VirtualFly? Well if not, I am happy to offer an introduction to ADX readers. I have been testing their Yoko Yoke over the last few weeks and I have to honestly say... well... I say it all in this review. I hope you all enjoy and find it informative. So if you will excuse me, I am back off to bed. 

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