Alabeo: The Aztec For Everyone! & A Quick Thought...

FSX/P3D. Whether you use the old FSX boxed, Steam Edition, or one of the 3 versions of P3D, rest assured that the Aztec coming from Alabeo will work just fine in your simulator with no DRM! Looking back at the scenario, I can't honestly say I fully blame Aeroplane Heaven for their decision to enter into their agreement with Dovetail to make their version exclusive to Steam (which subsequently makes it incompatible with the other platforms).

The Aztec is indeed one of the less common yet most beautiful of the Piper family. Considering the fact that Aeroplane Heaven focus solely on more "vintage-esque" civil & military type aircraft, it's hard to believe that anyone else would wind up delivering another model of the same aircraft. Considering the fact that it's Alabeo doing it indeed can put Aeroplane Heaven in a bit of a rough spot. My concern is not so much about Aeroplane Heaven selling the product to Dovetail (which is exactly what I believe happened) but what Dovetail's methods are by poaching developers for this exclusivity. Aeroplane Heaven eyeing possible sales losses to the Alabeo variant made a business decision that they felt would be most beneficial to them.  

I cant fault AH for this decision as it most likely would not have happened at all if Alabeo had not set out to develop a version of their own. I will truly miss the AH version as these guys have been going an absolutely amazing job with all their releases in 2015 and really looked forward to seeing it shine in P3Dv3. AH has stated this is a one off scenario. I just hope we don't see any more developers getting involved into these Steam exclusivity deals that cuts everyone else out. Imagine if developers started developing P3D exclusive products that included DRM preventing them from working in both versions of FSX? Y'all'd all shit the bricks. Directions like this is not beneficial to this community. Want some shots of the Alabeo PA-23F? Check them out!