Another Amazing Year In Flight Simulation!

For many of you, 2016 has arrived and many of you are either sleeping in late or nursing off that hangover. For many of us, 2016 still looms ahead. If you ask me, I'd say the hobby we all love is very much alive and kicking now more than ever. With FS9, XPlane, FSX Steam, FSX Legacy, and 3 versions of Prepar3D, never before have we had so many options to enjoy. When you top all that with all the releases this year and planned releases for 2016, this roller-coaster ride is in full swing with no signs of slowing down. 

Indeed this was a terrific year for FS and from what I hear, the development community is quite pleased with community reaction to products released this year. No, some products we have been waiting long for (CRJ among others) still did not deliver. But looking back at what we did get, I must say, I am so proud of both the developers for delivering so much to us, and to our community for supporting the work and purchasing your addons legitimately.  

So long as our developers keep moving at full speed and fans supporting them, ADX will be here to bridge the gap keeping you informed on all things you love! I want to extend another thanks to all of you who have supported me over the past yearas well. I may not say it enough but it really means so much. THANK YOU!!!!!

So here is a cheers to all of you on behalf of AirDailyX. May you all live long and prosper, may our hobby grow ever stronger, and may all of you have a pleasant year ahead. Signing off from the final post of 2015, Cheers and enjoy the skies!

-D'Andre ADX